Elizabeth Warren ‘Silenced’ Again After Video Surfaces Of MLK’s Wife Thanking Senator Sessions

After being silenced last night on the Senate floor during her desperate racial stunt to read disparaging remarks about now-confirmed Attorney-General Jeff Sessions, we suspect Senator Elizabeth Warren is lost for words as video surfaces of Coretta Scott King thanking Senator Sessions at the launching of the Rosa Parks Library and Museum.

The racially-divisive stunt that Senator Warren tried to pull last night – by  quoting a letter from the late Coretta Scott King, civil rights activist and wife of Martin Luther King Jr., who wrote in 1986, during Sessions’ failed confirmation hearing for a federal judgeship, that he “had used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens” as a U.S. attorney in Alabama – ended with her being silenced by Senate vote.

Tonight, we suspect she will choose to silence herself as more recent video of Coretta Scott King surfaces destroying her warrant-less claim was that King’s wife’s words framed Sessions as a bigot, as she thanks Senator Sessions for his help in the construction of the Rosa Parks Library and Museum…

As far as Senator Warren is concerned, even MLK’s niece lambasted her for playing the race card…

Photo published for VIDEO: MLK’s Niece Accuses Elizabeth Warren Of Playing ‘The Race Card’ In Senate Floor Charade

Still what would one expect, when all you have is an ‘identity politics’ hammer, every ‘problem’ is a nail.

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Many Arrested Inauguration Day Protesters Will Face Felony Rioting Charges, Prosecutors Say

Police approaches toward anti-Trump protesters during clashes in Washington, DC, on January 20, 2107. (EWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (CBSNEWS/AP) – Most of the approximately 230 protesters arrested on Inauguration Day will be charged with felony rioting, federal prosecutors said.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said the offense is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. The office said most of those arrested will be released without having to post bail and must return to court in February.

A first group of 10 men appeared in Superior Court just before 3 p.m., and their lawyer entered a not guilty plea on their behalf. A judge released all of them on the condition they not get re-arrested in the District of Columbia.

Interim D.C. police chief Peter Newsham said Friday that 217 people were being charged with rioting.

The arrests took place in a four-block stretch of downtown Washington around the time of President Trump’s swearing-in ceremony.

The arrests came after some protesters created chaos. Windows of downtown businesses were smashed, and police deployed pepper spray and “sting balls” against the crowd.


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California Decriminalizes Child Prostitution

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The Real Fake News Networks

MSNBC Apologizes for Fake News Story Today


ABC News Fakes Crime Scene for Story

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The Collapse Of ‘Real’ Media Credibility (In 3 Simple Images)

Two words – “nailed it”

What a difference 4 months makes… From Meltdown to Total Meltdown to Man Of The Year…

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Hillary Clinton Can’t Possibly Win. So Why Do It?

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While the NY Times tries to soft peddle #PizzaGate, Reddit tries to kill the Sub-Reddit investigation and Twitter attempts to censor breaking news on the global pedophile ring – it’s too late. The genie is out of the bottle. We will not be stopped. Truth will be revealed. Because #PizzaGate is a WORLDWIDE CITIZEN INVESTIGATION NOW. And the pedos are running scared.

Charles Ortel: Pardons Won’t Save Clintons From Clinton Foundation Crimes?

The De-Occulting of John Podesta (by martyleeds33)

Understanding #PizzaGate – Opening the Rabbit hole (by Stirling)


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Are you a Nationalist…Yes

Ford CEO Folds? Trump Confirms Carmaker Won’t Move Production To Mexico

Tyler Durden's picture

Just hours after Ford CEO complained of the “huge impact” of Donald Trump’s proposed trade plans, following the company’s plan to move a substantial portion of its passenger-car production to Mexico from a factory in Michigan, Donald Trump tweeted “Just got a call from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky — no Mexico,” seemingly winning his first ‘america-first’ victory.

As WSJ reported yesterday, Ford Motor Co. Chief Executive Mark Fields issued a warning about President-elect Donald Trump’s proposed trade policies, saying high tariffs on automobiles and other products coming into the U.S. would be a blow to the auto industry and broader U.S. economy.

Mr. Fields, speaking with reporters on the sidelines of the Los Angeles Auto Show on Tuesday, said Ford has talked to Mr. Trump’s transition team and believes the company can work with the new administration. During a separate interview, he said, “We all share the same objective; we want a vibrant and healthy U.S. economy.”


The two sides, however, appear to be at odds on how to achieve that goal.


Ford’s plan to move a substantial portion of its passenger-car production to Mexico from a factory in Michigan was heavily criticized by Mr. Trump on the campaign trail. Like many of its rivals, Ford is building more-profitable light trucks in the U.S. while investing in new capacity in Mexico to produce lower-margin small cars.

And then hours later, Donald Trump tweeted…

Which was followed by a statement from Ford confirming Trump’s comment…

“Today, we confirmed with the President-elect that our small Lincoln utility vehicle made at the Louisville Assembly Plant will stay in Kentucky,” Ford spokesperson Christin Baker says in e-mail statement.


“We are encouraged that President-elect Trump and the new Congress will pursue policies that will improve U.S. competitiveness and make it possible to keep production of this vehicle here in the United States”

Leaving Donald Trump with his first victory since being elected.

The question is – why didn’t, wouldn’t President Obama do this?

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John Kirby loses temper during briefing

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God is Not Mocked!

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