113 Notable Prepper Links in December 2012

These notable links from across the prepper cosmos are not in any particular order, other than the separation into groups and a really rough sorting of most recently found first, which generally but not always indicates when they were written. These were all syndicated via SchemaByte.com’s social media accounts but, since the noise ratio out there is huge, here’s your monthly recap all nice and organized.

Here’s 47 general prepper links, 17 independent income and frugality links, 32 activism and news links, and 17 infographics and images. At the end there’s also 12 notable non-prepping links, in case you get prepper overload and need to cool out. As before, I note the schemabyte.com links with the notation SB.

47 Self-sufficiency & Preparedness Strategy Prepper Links

  1. Mealworms: The Other-Other-Other White Meat?
  2. Properly Using a Generator
  3. 100 Items To Help Keep A Sense of Normality and Sanity After the Collapse
  4. Death of the Nickel: A Hoarding Strategy
  5. Preparedness Uses of Baking Soda – Top 10 Uses
  6. Seizures in Survival Scenarios
  7. Best Time of Year to Stockpile
  8. Winter Survival
  9. Experiments in storage food
  10. Lighting Your Way Without Electricity or Fire – SB
  11. DIY: Hillbilly Washing Machine
  12. How Many Pills Until Pharmageddon?
  13. Standing Ready: Just Buy A Ruger 10/22 Already!
  14. Shortwave Radio Frequency Guide
  15. SAS Survival Manual online
  16. Killer corn (GMO)
  17. Five Ways to Find North Without a Compass
  18. Getting “Natural Aspirin” from the Willow Tree – SB
  19. Biodiesel And You: A Fully Functional Fuel You Can Make Right At Home
  20. How to Choose a Face Mask for Pandemic Flu Outbreaks
  21. Spirulina Converting Sunshine to Superfood
  22. WakaWaka Solar Light A Brilliant Idea For Off-Grid Communities
  23. White On! 9 Alternative Uses for Bleach
  24. Your Ultimate Survival Binder, by Mia M.
  25. The Creator’s Natural Antibiotics
  26. Zombie Entertainment: A Lesson in Cognitive Dissonance and the Red Pill
  27. Mycotoxins: The Hidden Hormone Danger In Our Food Supply
  28. Chemical Attack Survival Skills
  29. Post SHTF Pest Control – Survival Life
  30. Suburban Prepper Housewife : Thoughts: Planning on bugging out?
  31. Door Jammers
  32. Pyrethrum: Safe Insecticide You Can Make After TEOTWAWKI – SB
  33. How to Make Your Own Sugar
  34. My MacGyvered Teacher Toolbox for Self-Defense
  35. Wilderness Survival – Core Skills
  36. BUG OUT: Staying Away From High Density Population Centers
  37. Canning Carrots
  38. Activated Charcoal: An Awesome and Cheap Prep – SB
  39. 70 Notable Prepper Links in November 2012 – SB
  40. Can I use a storm-water pond as a back-up source of water?
  41. Bow Hunting: Compound vs. Traditional Bows
  42. Did You Forget The Can Opener Again? – Survival Life
  43. 6 Deadly Assumptions About Violence
  44. Lice Infestation: A Survival Epidemic | Doom and Bloom (TM)
  45. 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Store Oats
  46. The Design, Construction, and Use of an Indirect, Through-Pass, Solar Food Dryer
  47. Basic Survival Medicine

17 Independent Income & Financial Readiness Links

  1. 6 New Year’s Resolutions Toward Frugality, Independence, and Growth – SB
  2. InfoBarrel vs Squidoo – how do these two sites compare on earning you money?
  3. 10 Fun & Cheap Things to Do With Your Kids
  4. 8 Passive Income Streams – SB
  5. 3 Great Personal Finance Sites You Might Not Know – SB
  6. Here’s Why Being Technical Helps, A Lot
  7. Passive Income Walkthrough
  8. The Top 4 Reasons Why ‘Passive Income’ Is A Dangerous Fantasy – Forbes
  9. Solve A Problem. Preferably Yours
  10. (SmartPassiveIncome.com’s) Monthly Income Report – November 2012
  11. 10 Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Own Bookshelves
  12. How Dumping TV Allowed Me to Quit My Job, Create an Online Business and Fund My Retirement Account
  13. 10 Tips for Shopping at Local Farmers’ Markets
  14. 12 More Lessons Learned After Two Months of Blogging – SB
  15. 5 Quick Blog Improvements – SB
  16. How you can go the extra-mile for your client and not lose money
  17. Keep Your Credit Card Safe While Shopping Online

32 Activism & News Links

  1. NYT Defends Fortune 500′s Global Human Exploitation
  2. Russian Acquittal Escalates Human Rights Feud With U.S.
  3. China passes rules tightening controls on Internet
  4. FDA Approves Neurotoxic Flu Drug For Infants Less Than One
  5. This Day in History: 12/29/1890 – Massacre at Wounded Knee
  6. Gold packs sold with easy division by hand as feature in Europe
  7. Arkansas Town Prepared to Make Martial Law Its Standing Policy
  8. Resolve to be Ready, Commit to Emergency Preparedness in 2013! | Mount Pleasant, South Carolina | The Moultrie News
  9. Stanford Develops Peel-and-Stick Solar Cells
  10. Assault Weapons Ban Agenda Confirmed
  11. American Preppers Network Statement Regarding the Connecticut School Shootings
  12. Doomsday Dan: Winter storm blows through East; 200K in dark
  13. Antarctic Ice Warming More Rapidly Than Anticipated, Significant Sea Level Rise
  14. Syria: Strong Coalition Message Against Targeting Civilians
  15. First Sale Under Siege: If You Bought It, You Should Own It
  16. 25 Activism Organizations: Social Media & RSS Rundown – SB
  17. The prototype invisibility cloak
  18. European Human Rights Court Finds Turkey in Violation of Freedom of Expression
  19. U.S. Secret Service Bans Sale of Silver and Gold Liberty Dollars on Ebay
  20. “Super EMP” Capable of Disabling Power Grid Across Lower 48 States
  21. Chile volcano roars to life; red alert issued
  22. Potentially Dangerous Asteroid Now Confirmed to Miss Earth in 2040, Says NASA
  23. Investigators have found fifty bodies buried at a Florida state reform school that closed in 2011.
  24. Police Called When Crowd Signing Up For Housing List Gets ‘Out Of Control’
  25. Booze, smokes on agenda for quirky government group
  26. Apple Will Make Macs in the USA
  27. Back by popular demand:The FDA list of Approved Food Additives. Yes, butane made the list.
  28. Rare infectious bacteria thrive by hijacking human immune response
  29. Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits near Anchorage, Alaska – @USGS
  30. U.N. Report Reveals International Protocol for Tracking People Online
  31. Serious Chicken Pox Outbreak in Indiana is Among Vaccinated Children | Health Impact News
  32. Private, For-Profit Corrections Corporation of America Used in Drug Sweep of Public School

17 Infographic/Image Links

  1. Canning Questions and Answers
  2. Composting 101
  3. Soak & Sprout Chart for Nuts, Seeds, Grains and Beans
  4. Salt-rising bread, a.k.a. pioneer bread because it needs no yeast.
  5. FEMA recommended emergency cache for all homes
  6. Deadliest Natural Disaster for Homeowners
  7. COPPA and your child’s privacy
  8. Two-Striped Telamonia (Telamonia dimidiata) – new venomous spider to be aware of.
  9. Ham Radio Cheat Sheet
  10. 10 Weeds That Heal
  11. DIY Disaster Survival Infographic
  12. Intrographic
  13. This is Victoria. She died a hero.
  14. How to Build A Chicken Coop
  15. How to plant bulbs
  16. Ham Radio Cheat Sheet
  17. Turn your phone into a survival tool

12 Miscellaneous Extra Links

  1. Fiction Book Review: Blasphemy, by Douglas Preston – SB
  2. Through Rapists Eyes – Mugging & Rape Prevention Tips
  3. Stumbler, a poem – SB
  4. Automobile Break-Ins, It’s that time of year.
  5. The other person is never the problem.
  6. RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event – video
  7. Nobody Owes You a Damn Thing – SB
  8. Clodhopper, a poem – SB
  9. Hobo road signs
  10. 22 Mind-Blowing ‘Notes From The Universe’
  11. Sesame Street: Sesame Street Gets Through a Storm – video
  12. Delicious Squirrel & Dumplings: A Non-Contemporary Treat

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